Upcoming Locations and Schedule

The Virtual Right Livelihood Quest starts in July 2020 and is a 9-week journey that is conducted in small and intimate groups of up to 20 participants. This guided process consists a variety of rich and diverse activities and experiences, including virtual sessions, guided inquiry processes, individual activities in nature, readings, dialogue with others, and individual coaching sessions, among others. Phase 1/Preparation is the first 4 weeks of the Quest, preparing and beginning the journey. Phase 2/Retreat is a deep dive into the essence of the inquiry. Phase 3/Integration is a week-long guided process that happens after the retreat part of the Quest is complete, integrating and completing your journey.

All details, dates, and logistics for the upcoming Virtual Right Livelihood Quest are HERE.

Additionally, the Right Livelihood Quest is one of the 4 modules of a transformative yearlong Awakened Living Program.

Upcoming Locations:

The planning for the Blended Right Livelihood Quest journeys will resume once we have moved past the COVID-19 reality.


Wherever We Need To Be

We are in the process of planning additional retreats and locations, including current renovations in what will be a permanent location for an in-person Quest in Comox, BC, Canada. If you are interested in staying in touch and being informed when locations are being confirmed, do connect with us, and we will keep you posted. Additionally, if you would like to be a Quest Ambassador for this work, and help organize a Blended Right Livelihood Quest in your area, there is a process and a support structure in place. Please contact us for details.