Unraveling. Unfolding.

Here, we interview people who have been on this journey of looking into their life purpose, meaning, and Right Livelihood, aligning their values with their calling and vocation. It is an opportunity to share their Right Livelihood story, the journey of becoming, with the challenges and the victories along the way. We humans learn from and through stories, ours and those of others. We draw inspiration from others on the path, realizing that a lot more is possible than what we may have imagined. We realize that we are not alone. We get to experience our humanness and commonalities when we listen to what others have been going through.

New interviews are added on a regular and frequent basis.

Tami Simon

Tami Simon

Sounds True Founder, Publisher, CEO, Entrepreneur

Peter Mortifee

Peter Mortifee

Partner, Physician, Social Financier, Father, Photographer, Man

Leah Green

Compassionate Listening Trainer, Family Constellations facilitator

Paul Scott

Transpersonal Therapist, Life Coach, and Quantum Touch Instructor

Chris Jordan

Artist and Cultural Activist

Robin Rorex

Self-Awareness Guide, Chief Obstacle Remover, Compassionate Human Being

Minke de Vos

Senior Inner Alchemy and Senior Universal Tao Instructor

Sharon Negri

Activist, Facilitator, Consultant

Vanessa LeBourdais

Executive Producer, Writer, Director, Composer, Performer, Activist