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sky and sunI believe in the tremendous value of the Right Livelihood Quest, and in the importance of making it available in our current times, for as many people as possible. Equally, I believe in making it available and affordable for all those who hear the call and are truly ready and committed to this journey.

The opportunity to share and support others in their journey oftentimes is a part of the process, and it certainly is here.

  • The cost of the whole Right Livelihood Quest 4-months process is between $950 and $1250 USD (Phase 1/Preparation, Phase 2/Retreat, Phase 3/Integration, and lifelong membership in the Quest community of practice). You get to choose how much you are willing and able to pay within this range, whereby anything above the minimum automatically goes towards several causes of heart/mind/spirit alignment which we support on an ongoing basis:
    • Partial scholarships, supporting those participants who request it.
    • Loans to starting entrepreneurs around the world through Kiva.
  • The cost of accommodation, food, and travel (if required) to the Phase 2/Retreat is extra, and is dependent on the location of the retreat.
  • Discounts for special groups, such as current students of Presidio Graduate School (and all graduates of Pinchot University and Bainbridge Graduate Institute), or members of the Mankind Project, is available upon request.

Partial Scholarships

These are available if anyone in this, or any of the previous groups, contributed towards them and they have not been used. You are able to request up to half of the cost of the Quest itself (not the accommodations or food), by connecting with me directly and sharing your situation and reasons for this request.


In case your circumstances change and you need to cancel your participation after you register, you can get full refund less 25% administration fees. This can only happen if you cancel before the Quest begins. Once it starts, refunds are not available any more.