The Tomb Stone | Right Livelihood QuestOriginally, amateur (from the Latin verb amare, “to love”) is referred to a person who loves what he was doing. Similarly, a dilettante (from the Latin delectare, “to find delight in”) was someone who enjoys a given activity. The earlier meanings of these words draws attention to experiences rather that accomplishments. They describe the process and the fact that enjoying something is important and has its rewards. I am very much both.

I have been a student and a practitioner of various forms of Eastern teachings, philosophies, and practices. Martial Arts has been an important hobby of mine for many years, with a variety of schools, styles, teachers, and countries. Then there is yoga, another long time companion. Meditation, qigong, and energy practices have also been with me for a long time.

Cycling has been a passion of mine for a long time, primarily of the long-distance touring kind. The highlights include a 9-week cycling and backpacking journey through Chile and Argentina, and the El Camino in Spain.

Mankind Project is an organization that I hold in a very special place in my heart, and am an active member and contributor. This is a container for a deep transformative work for men, opening and unleashing a clean, authentic, committed, and passionate correct masculine energy. My participation has been profound and impactful for me, and I am delighted and honoured to continue supporting other men on such a journey.

Performing Arts has been a passion for years. I ventured into this area with my own one-man story-telling performance, which led me to Playback Theatre, where I was a member of the Vancouver Playback Theatre group for about 7 years. Currently, I use many of the concepts and principles in my facilitation work, as well as in my personal life.

The photo above has a very special meaning in my life. I am named after my grandfather, and got to visit his grave some years ago, back in Riga, Latvia. Seeing a grave with my name on it put many things in perspective for me.