The Right Livelihood Quest is like a deep tissue massage for your soul. It’s an amazing experience that’s unlike any course I’ve ever taken, and yet, equally distinct from the experience of working with a therapist or coach. I’ve had the privilege of participating in Simon’s first all-virtual Quest in the summer of 2020 during the pandemic. My fiancé (now husband) and I had known Simon for years and we decided to sign up together and do this work before getting married. I was also aware that I needed a shift in my professional life, and I’d been dealing with grief and loss, and some depression. Essentially, I had a lot to unpack during the Quest.

The Quest was (and continues to be) a transformational experience. It provided an amazing opportunity to check in with myself, assess things, and most importantly, ask where I am going and why. My understanding of self deepened and grew. Although I had some exciting realizations during the Quest, the lessons and understanding that the Quest provided continue to unfold. What I took away from the Quest has shaped and informed life decisions I’ve made since.

My biggest take-away is this: Living one’s right livelihood is a practice. We all need a tune-up and check-in from time to time, no matter how much self-work you’ve been lucky enough to do, it’s never finished. This work is never done. If you’ve been asking why you’re here or what you’re supposed to be doing, then the Quest will certainly help you on your journey.

Simon is a remarkable, deeply caring guide. He brings a beautiful passion to this work while always being calm, centered, and undeniably present. The Quest is designed as a group experience, and although that format gave me pause, it didn’t take long for our group to gel. By the end, I felt boundless love and respect for those who were on the Quest with me. Of course, so much of this work is done alone. Simon certainly understands this and you can see that reflected in the design of the Quest. He builds in one-on-one check-ins and truly tailors the Quest experience to meet you wherever you are. The Quest will certainly challenge you. Some parts of the experience might be difficult or painful, but as long as you show up with a willingness to do the work, to face yourself, to be vulnerable, then I can assure you that the Quest will be a valuable opportunity that will help you grow and live in a more authentic, aligned way. – Maren Keeley, Seattle, WA

Simon is an amazing guide through the highs and lows of self-discovery. I was apprehensive about completing the Quest virtually, especially while spending 6+ hours a day on a screen for my job. But the community, led by Simon, immediately felt intimate and safe, dropping into the real and raw almost immediately. I came to the Quest during a sad and uncertain time in my life, and am so grateful I did. It of course did not cure the sadness or pain, but it helped contextualize it in a greater framework and remind me that I have gifts to offer, and a moral compass to follow. The touchpoints of the Quest are things I still think about each day. They continue to help guide me forward, turn inward for resilience, and strengthen the relationships I hold most dear. – Jo Ristow, Seattle, WA

The Right Livelihood Quest is for souls who are curious, ready to work and ready to soften to the world we hold inside. As a Western-minded person I found the need to gently remind myself that I was on a journey full of many lessons, so it was pointless to expect that I would unleash a fountain of knowledge, put it in my pocket, go home and be done. I’ve taken the Quest twice, as there was so much to unpack in the first that I used the container of the second to examine my luggage a bit more. I also took this experience three years apart, and in that time I discovered more about myself so that I was able to refine and add color to my self portrait. I learned so much from my fellow travellers, not least of which was a deep affection for anyone brave enough to be vulnerable about the secrets they hold deeply. I learned more compassion for myself as well. There are many truths to be found in the world, but the ones about ourselves are the most powerful of them all. – Tarun Gudz, Portland, OR

“Why do I need to work myself now?” was the question that came up, when considering the Quest. I was working on a startup I loved, with great founding team, had financial security, a happy marriage, and two fantastic children. I had done the hard, emotional work ten years earlier, when I first came out to myself and then the rest of the world. I grew a lot then, and thought I was done. But something was nagging at me – I had all these things – but something was still missing. Where was the joy? Why wasn’t what I had, enough? Why wasn’t I good enough? The Quest took me down an unexpected path that’s given me the tools to understand myself better: what drives me, what triggers me, what makes my heart sing. Simon is a wonderful teacher and mentor – empathetic, provocative, and challenging all at the same time. It really is magic. Simon attracts wonderful people who just want to be better, so the cohort aspect of the Quest is a key part of the experience that’s supportive and motivating. It’s never too early, and never too late, to do our work. It’s a journey we should always be on – we’ll never be perfect but can always be better – to ourselves and for the people we love. The Quest helped me get to that next level. – Don Bunnell, Seatte, WA.

What a fabulous journey this has been, and continues to be! The Right Livelihood Quest (RLQ) gave me a tremendous opportunity to consolidate the key events and experiences that have occurred in my life, and to understand how they have impacted on me. This provided a wonderful backdrop for the work achieved through the many phases of the learning process during the RLQ, and for getting so much clearer on the life adjustments that I want to make to be more purposeful in the way I live my life. It has brought me so much closer to what really matters to me, my true essence, and what I want my life mission to consist of. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that my key learnings at the Quest will last me for a lifetime, and allow me to squeeze every drop out of a rich, meaningful life. I have just become a septuagenarian so I have no time to lose!!! Be prepared to challenge yourself and to be totally honest with yourself in order to get the most out of this program. The facilitator (Simon) is caring, respectful while persistent, insightful, and incredibly intuitive throughout the purposeful process that he has created. We had the benefit of being a small group which offered an even better opportunity to feel safe, to be disclosing, to be caring and feel cared for, particularly the retreat portion (my favourite part!) – it resulted in a bonding that I will never forget. I highly, highly recommend the Right Livelihood Quest if you are seeking to enrich your life, and are prepared to challenge yourself in that respect. – Pierre Soucy, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I attended the Right Livelihood Quest (RLQ) in June of 2018, just before my 30th birthday and graduating from grad school. It was a transitional time in my life – not to mention I met the love of my life in grad school, we had moved in together two months prior, and he attended the RLQ as well. If you have the opportunity to go with a partner, I highly recommend it. I could go into a long saga of how wonderful the Quest was for me personally, and my relationship, but I think the #1 benefit was that the RLQ allowed the dark caves of my soul to see the light and not be afraid of how ugly they were, and the light of my spirit remains inexhaustible. Simon is an honorable magician who always seems to know when to push the envelope and when to give some breathing room. More than worth the sticker price, and if my budget would allow, I would attend the RLQ again. – Melissa Hook, Presidio Graduate School, MBA Program

The Right Livelihood Quest gave me a chance to step out of the business and distractions of my day-to-day life and turn my attention inward. Simon created a safe and encouraging space in which we could push ourselves, peeling back layer after layer until we uncovered the core of how we are best able to heal the world, and ourselves. The passion Simon brings to this work was matched by the authenticity that the other participants revealed, making it both deeply empowering and also a powerful bonding experience. Working by myself, with others, and in nature, I learned more about myself in four days of the retreat (as well as the whole process of 3 months) than I could have possibly imagined. I was amazed and inspired by the process and my own learnings, and I know I will look back at this experience as a turning point in my life. – Dorothy Mitchell, Portland, OR

The Right Livelihood Quest was an indescribable experience, full of so much richness and depth. I came into the Quest a little bit of a skeptic; I’d heard rave reviews of the experience from colleagues and friends, but I had my doubts as to if anything profound would really “happen” for me. Needless to say, my doubts were stripped away throughout the process, and I came away with a new and beautiful sense of understanding about myself that is incredibly inspiring as I enter my final year of graduate school and lay the foundation for my future beyond it. Part of what makes the Right Livelihood Quest so fulfilling is not only embracing your own story, but witnessing the magic of your fellow Quest participants going through the process and evolving right before your eyes. If you’re here and you’re even remotely considering the Right Livelihood Quest, take the chance on yourself and do it––you’ll thank yourself for years to come. – Amy Westrick, Presidio Graduate School, MBA Program

Having been involved in a myriad of different forms of deep work and self development over the years, the Right Livelihood Quest stands apart. In fact, it is my belief that the Quest is in a league of its own. This body of work created by Simon is the most transformational I have ever experienced. I could try to put into words the experience I had at the Quest and the loving support I received from Simon and Alison at every step of the way. However, it would pale in comparison to the actual experience. Simply put – it was the deepest and most profound personal work I have ever done and as much as I would like to say it “changed” me, it didn’t. A better description would be that it re-introduced me TO me. It was a coming home to what I really am rather than a departure of what was. And I cannot even being to explain how delicious that feels. – Jurik Harmeyer, Reno, NV

The Right Livelihood Quest exposed me more than I anticipated. The experience itself was profound – the continued process has been humbling. It is not a fix-all. I didn’t walk away with a new career or a road-map to who I am or where I should be going. It gave me so much more than that. It facilitated the beginning of a journey where I can now look myself squarely in the eyes and say I see you and I want to know you. It gave me the vocabulary to communicate with those frequently intangible feelings and overwhelming life moments. It gave me the tools, the awareness, and the permission to have the conversation with myself and the world around me. I still use these tools, and this new language, on a daily basis. I will be forever thankful that I took the leap. – Dana Shay, Seattle, WA

What I took away from my journey with Simon’s Right Livelihood Quest was not exactly what I thought I would get, and it was exactly what I needed. Having known Simon for some time, I had a sense of what to expect. His style of inquiry, and some of the tools he uses to help us dig deeper were somewhat know to me, and there are few of the more storied ones that I had never directly experienced. It is also deeply embedded in Simon, and his partner in this work Alison, to allow the underlying truth to emerge. It is the unique concoction that is composed of the needs of the group as a whole (both known and unknown needs) that emerges from each distinct combination of people. This is the essence of their combined (and individual) skills as facilitators. What it turned into for me was a deeper inquiry into what is and is not serving me in my life. I was immediately ready to release what was not working for me, and what rushed in to fill that gap was exactly what I needed. The next steps in my journey of growth, and the willingness to take the next steps in my career for this life journey. – Stephen Cahill, Portland, OR

This Right Livelihood Quest opened the door to a whole new world. A world has been forgotten and lost. Simon and Alison took my hand and, like a toddler, showed me how to step in and explore this new world. The constant guidance and care that were offered with the most loving attention have allowed me to stand tall and embrace my true self. The most significant part of this experience was the willingness of Simon and Alison to be authentic and open during the whole process. I had the opportunity to have one of the most precious beings in my experience, Tobi. And for that I am forever grateful. I don’t think I could be benefited more if it wasn’t for the wisdom and care of these most amazing guides on this journey. There is still learning that is taking place, but the only reassuring thought is I was guided the best possible way in which would benefit my soul and for that the learning continues… – Atefeh Johari, Coquitlam, BC

This retreat was probably the best designed and best executed retreat I have ever attended. It exceeded my expectations in every respect: the quality of the exercises, facilitators, participants, and setting. Each was superb in its own right, and all meshed together perfectly at a leisurely reflective pace. I was able to crystallize familiar insights into a powerful new frame, and push my existing self-knowledge on to the next level. What a wonderful way to begin my retirement — or whatever you call that life chapter that begins at 65! – Jill Bamburg, Bainbridge Island, WA

The Quest has been an incredible and transformational experience on all fronts. Simon and Alison are masterful at holding the space to witness, love and inquire into our darkest shadows and most brilliant light – all of which are deeply a part of who we are, and who we are meant to be. The environment was always open, kind and respectful, while the invitation was always for us to push our boundaries as much as we wanted to and no more. I highly recommend this for anyone who is interested in exploring your vocation and developing deeper awareness, regardless of where you are on your journey. – Esther Chang, Vancouver, BC

The timing for me to participate in the Quest could not have been more fortuitous as it synchronized with a cross-country move and an exploration of my Right Livelihood and calling. I did not, however, anticipate the extent of powerful transformation, personal growth and revelations that would emerge. I’ve shared the value and benefit I took away with everyone I’ve encountered since returning home. What I realize now is that whatever time one chooses to embark on this journey is the right time for him/her – there is a never a time that is misaligned with the unique purpose for which you were created. I urge anyone who has the chance to run – don’t walk – to the next Quest for an amazing experience of self-discovery that will unfold before your wondrous eyes and heart! – Grace Carlson, Sarasota, FL

Returning from the Quest was interesting. People asked how it was, which I couldn’t answer in words; then they asked how I felt, which I also couldn’t answer in words. I tried to give them something, but all the words I used sounded flat in the air. Sitting with the negative answers to the questions, “Do you feel refreshed? Like a new person?” and the lack of answer to, “So how do you feel?” finally revealed something accurate: I don’t feel like a new self, I feel like myself. More like myself than I ever have. Like my soul has been validated, like my spirit has been invited deep down into the earth for water, and the depth and oneness with the ground has made me solid. My experience at the Quest was not a jarring few days filled with epiphanies (which I think is what I expected), the experience was subtler, deeper, and truer, and fundamentally transformed the way I view myself, the world, and my place and experience within it. – Mallory Smith, Portland, OR
I truly can not thank you enough for the experience of the Right Livelihood Quest. The intention with which you lead the process allowed me to feel completely safe, cared for, open, and prepared to be fully present and engaged. And, in turn, the Quest provided me a way to look at my own life with all the filters off. For me, the Quest was a strong medicine that worked in a way that has transformed my understanding of my purpose. It has given me a deep sense of knowing myself and connection to others that had previously, despite my best intentions, remained superficial. The Quest allowed me to see that I have a valuable and unique contribution to make to the world; this contribution now serves as my very own North Star to guide me as I continue to learn and as circumstances and opportunities continue to change around me. This was an invaluable experience and Simon, you were the most wonderful guide. Thank you, thank you, thank you! – Trish Graf, Portland, OR

I’ve never dove deeper into my life’s purpose than when I was gathered in the desert for a week with Simon and an incredible, intimate group of questers. The exercises prior to the in-person experience I found to be incredibly valuable, and my takeaways range from true “Aha!” moments, to present-day rolling epiphanies. From writing to role play, art exercises, and a myriad of other tools for expression and discovery, these are the most life changing questions and activities I’ve ever experienced. The flow and content of the course are so carefully developed to bring about the most transformation in the shortest time, yet the pace always felt like a perfect balance of action and reflection. Though there are no shortcuts, the Right Livelihood Quest is designed in a way that has lasting impact, and serves its purpose long after the formal gathering has concluded. This work, the work of the heart and Beyond, is the most important work I can be doing right now (three years later, and I am still integrating lessons, insights, and experiences from the Quest). – Lisa Pellegrino, Atlanta, GA

My life’s greatest personal transformation to-date was catalyzed at Simon Goland’s Right Livelihood Quest. It was there where a window made itself seen, creating the psychic clearing that I hardly knew I was looking for to begin living the life of my own accord. And that is, by no accident, how I would conceptualize the otherwise knotty ideal of “personal transformation”: a stepping-closer to living your life fully of your own accord—free of the weights of others, especially those weights that have been with you for so long that you’ve mistaken them for you. And it’s precisely because of the knotty nature of self-unraveling that the brilliantly sacred process and container offered by the Right Livelihood Quest is so essential to our transformation’s fulfillment… In other words, if you’re intrigued by it, do it, and you will forever cherish it as a milestone moment in your life—one that cannot simply be penciled-in. – Danny Lampton, Portland, OR

The Right Livelihood Quest was nothing like what I expected, and was more than I ever could have hoped for it to be. Entering the space feeling apprehensive and nervous, I left with a stronger sense of self and connection to the essence of who I am than I’ve ever felt before. That in its own made the experience more than worth it, but in addition, I was able to do deep healing work, and discover clarity in response to the question “who am I?”, facilitated by Simon, Alison & the rest of the group in a way that was supportive, gentle, insightful, and welcoming. Simon & Alison have a gift for seeing our truth even when it feels unclear, and for grounding people in the love that comes with being completely seen. Beyond this, I left Channel Rock with a new community of folks with whom I’ve developed a deep connection and who continue to hold me accountable after witnessing my unfolding during the Quest. It was the process itself, the activities that connected us with our deepest truth, and being witnessed and loved throughout that made this experience invaluable to my personal journey. I recommend the Quest wholeheartedly to anyone considering taking the leap. – Asia van Buuren, Nova Scotia/Vancouver, Canada

The Right Livelihood Quest was excellent! In a small group we gathered, shared stories of happiness and pain, walked through the forest, built models, celebrated, released and healed. We laughed and we cried. We all transformed in various ways. The container was expertly held by Simon and Alison – giving space, offering questions, and leading us through all the activities. It was a lovely time together and I would recommend it to anyone who is open to excavating old unserving patterns. – Tamara Connell, Vancouver, BC

The Right Livelihood Quest was an incredible and deeply valuable experience for me. It has given me a new framework for understanding myself and how I operate in the world. Having done the Quest with my partner, the two of us now have a much richer and deeper understanding of one another and a new shared language. Simon and Alison brought exceptional presence and wisdom to the experience and each of my fellow Questers brought their own amazing perspectives and gifts to our time together. I highly recommend the Quest for anyone who has that nagging feeling of wanting or needing to burst out of their shell and discover a new hidden layer of purpose to their life. – P.S., Seattle, WA

Without a doubt, the Right Livelihood Quest was a defining event in my life. When I reflect on the early years of me truly considering my inner motivations and outward awareness of my state, the inceptive moments all seem to revolve around this learning and growing experience. Thank you for changing my life and helping me to understand who I truly am. – Zac Swartout, Vancouver, BC

As a veteran of varied retreats and workshop, I can honestly say with great pleasure this is one to cherish. Simon Goland and his assistants have all the qualities that made this experience uniquely memorable; they were thoughtful, organized, and available. The process itself is designed in such a way that each person’s life experiences, both positive and negative, are used to create an atmosphere to explore new directions in life. I came away with something – just one sentence – that puts on a fast track that which was vague and ambiguous before. Simon’s commitment to the process and to each individual is golden. Unlike many retreat leaders, he makes himself available should you need extra time for support or to put words to your story. The design of the retreat is foolproof. Everyone becomes wholly involved in deepening and crystallizing their own story and its ramifications for their future. If this were a hotel recommendation, I would give it five stars. – J.E., Seattle, WA

Months ago I began recommending Simon’s Right Livelihood Quest to friends, colleagues and clients. It dawned on me, as I listened to my enthusiastic encouragement, that I was drawn to it myself and immediately signed up! I chose to invite a long-time friend and colleague to come with me. This turned out to be a wonderful way to enrich and deepen the experience for me! When I first signed up, I thought about it was more as a quest for “Right Life” than “Right Livelihood,” since I am close to retirement age. However, I found even the preparatory readings and thought-provoking assignments beforehand began to awaken a desire for me to refresh my current professional life and realign it with what is most essential for me. So rather than looking years ahead to retirement, I found the Quest immersed me in a deep, powerful and transformative exploration of how to live the essence of my right livelihood now, as well in the years I continue to work for pay, and also after I “retire.” The group process was deep, safe and intimate. The Quest is exceptionally well-designed to help each of us move into an ever-deepening understanding of the essence of our Right Livelihood. Simon’s leadership (along with his strong support team) was kind, generous, insightful and a perfect blend of support and challenge. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone at any stage of his or her professional life and at any age! – M.H., Seattle, WA

I have had the privilege of working with Simon over the past year. The first time I met him, I knew he had something significant to offer to me. Through his facilitation, I’ve been able to begin understand myself and how I relate to the world with much more clarity. The Right Livelihood Quest, about a year into this process of discovery, was a very rejuvenating and supportive experience. Going through the process, I came to conclusions about my right livelihood which didn’t surprise me. What has supersized me is how much naming my Right Livelihood through the Quest has affected my perception of opportunities, my intentions, and my path. One month after the quest, I feel giddily like a child, identifying new ways to pursue my right livelihood on a daily basis. I’ve spent years of my life confounded, trying to figure out my purpose. The Right Livelihood Quest didn’t change anything about who I am, but rather, it provided me with exceptional clarity about who I am. – C.M., Seattle, WA

For me the Quest was about exploring my beauty, darkness and dreams – and considering how these inform my central purpose. Simon uses a mix of indigenous rituals, fun and creative exercises, and an enriching amount of time in nature that invites personal introspection, discovery and various forms of group reflection. This Quest for me is a journey that will continue in reading the signs and times of my life. The Right Livelihood Quest give you some practical tools for listening and observing on a deeper level. – A.C.R., Bremerton, WA

As a scientist by training, I thought I was taking the Right Livelihood Quest to help me justify career decisions I had already rationalized. Unexpectedly, the Quest helped me see doors I never realized were mine to open, and I left feeling even more empowered than I had expected. The Quest’s process helped pull my focus away from logistical life details and into the values underpinning my decisions, asked me to open up, look deep, be vulnerable, and see what I found. I gained insight into my own values and reactions, and learned how those impact my interactions with others and with myself. Simon and Alison are an amazing team, willing to meet you where you are and push you to go deeper. The tools and insights they shared with me during the Quest are already shaping – for the better – the way I move forward through life. – H.C., Seattle, WA

I experienced an unfolding of my spirit, and the re-emergence of my playful self. As this occurred the feelings of being closer and closer to a truth I’ve always known that I’ve kept hidden became palpable. It started as joy leaking out in small moments of reflection, group activities, and particularly in mundane moments. The joy was like a fragile tether to a source of self-knowledge, original pain, and ultimate freedom. The activities helped stir this process of inward looking, and together we built a collective safety net for one another. I felt safe, encouraged, and increasingly curious. The Right Livelihood Quest offers a series of engagements that touch all parts of being to increase awareness and appreciation. I don’t know which was most powerful; the inward exploration or the tender witness of other’s growth. It’s been a month or so, since I returned from the Quest. The experience gave me a special lens to keep in my toolkit. My daily life has resumed, but since this experience, it has a richer texture. I am joyfully aware of the purpose and possibilities that I carry with me in the world, and have renewed courage to explore the meaning of it in myself, and in others. – N.T., Wapato, WA

Simon’s Right Livelihood Quest brought to light a swirl of callings and pathways knocking on my door. Engaging in the readings and exercises leading into the Quest heightened my senses and brought me deep insight into the people around me and the nature of what makes me happy and what makes me cry. The whole month long process felt very profound and left me knowing this was just the tip of the iceberg and that the journey has only just begun. The atmosphere at our retreat was calm and playful and I always felt safe and welcome. I feel as if a door has been opened by my experience that has me peering into a world of possibility residing at my finger tips. Thank you Simon for truly an experience that will last a lifetime. – B.J.D., Portland, OR

I came out of Right Livelihood Quest with a deep gratitude for Simon, attuned with myself and no longer tethered to the “shoulds” that had previously ruled far too many of my decisions. Simon as a guide is authentic, intuitive, and a bit mischievous. He provides a safe environment in which to explore the depths while guiding his participants back to a place of empowerment, seeing how their experience is just what is needed in this world. The questions he asks will persist in guiding me as I continue on my journey. – R.H., Philadelphia, PA

I returned home thoroughly transformed. Everything is possible. Though daily life calls, pulling you back into patterns that threaten to derail your efforts to go to your life calling; I now have new tools and new awareness to navigate these setbacks. Boundless possibilities fill my mind; each of them an entire career in itself or an entire world movement. I am now equipped with the knowledge that my uniqueness qualifies me to do any one of them. The healing in this process – The Quest – is phenomenal. – C.M., Santa Cruz, CA

The journey I began with Simon and the Right Livelihood Quest has brought nourishment and peace that I have not felt since the innocence of childhood. The guidance and support Simon has given are allowing me to be present in my life and live with more intention. Truth be told, I had no idea this experience would be as rejuvenating as it has proven to be. And the journey continues. Thank You Simon! – L.C., Easton, CT

I entered the quest with an open mind. What it enabled me to do – beyond what I expected – was to open my heart. Simon has a way of gently leading each individual to a deeper understanding of how our current selves are engaged in a perpetual dance with our compound experiences and histories, set to the inimitable music in our souls. With deep compassion and a sense of fun, Simon helps us see and feel the beauty and rhythm of that dance, allowing us to step more fully and gracefully into it, in our lives and livelihoods. – H.C.W., Salt Lake City, UT

I want to thank you for such a fantastic experience at the Right Livelihood Quest. At first, I wondered if there would be anything for me in this experience, since I have been “questing” for about 5 years now. I am so thankful that my experience was so rich and meaningful and I want to thank you for providing such a beautiful, safe, and inspiring environment to help me take the work I have been doing and go deeper. I have an improved sense of clarity and am so inspired about what lies ahead. – S.F., Seattle, WA

Simon’s Quest was a powerful lesson for me in listening deeply to what one already knows, and trusting that the answers don’t come from somewhere “out there.” I came away with a strong sense of being grounded not only in my deepest dreams and longings, but in the lessons which Nature has to teach us about ourselves, and in the wisdom of others. In a world where it’s easy to lose oneself in the noise and seeming hopelessness, it was a reminder to me of what magic can happen when one stops to truly listen. – H.L.J., Whidbey Island, WA

I feel a deep and boundless sense of gratitude; one which finds words inadequate. Your sensitive guidance has brought me to a new place. I now have the strength of knowing myself. My fellow travelers helped me get there; without each member of the quest, I would not have come to this place. I went into the right livelihood quest afraid of the work and the commitment needed to look deeply within myself and truly see what is there. I felt like I was standing on the end of a dock, shivering, nearly naked in my bathing suit. I was revealing myself and about to jump into cold water. Would I be able to breathe? Could I tolerate the embrace of the lake? The quest was my dive in. It was physical, spiritual, enveloping, exciting, frightening, wrenching and ultimately exhilarating and powerful. I emerged with a true understanding of my essential self. I can bring this knowing to all I do; I can use it and measure my actions against my essence, aligning how I behave to truly reflect my deepest being. Thank you. Thank you for your guidance. Thank you for doing this work. – R.M., Mill Creek, WA

We each carry all that we need—in this very moment — to become more aligned with our right livelihood. We just need to listen, trust ourselves, and be open to the guidance we receive. The Quest provided that essential space and a well-paced exploration that prepared us for deeper inquiry into our gifts, fears, and motivations. Simon modeled uncertainty with honesty and humor, and offered practical tools to live in the Quest. After all we never arrive; we never run out of the discovery of ourselves. I’m excited to see what takes shape. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Simon. – M.O., Olympia, WA

The Right Livelihood Quest is not about form, it is about essence. I’ts not about determining “what I want to be when I grow up,” it’s about uncovering your truest nature and passion in life, and learning how to maintain an awareness of that, to guide you in all that you do, not merely what you do to make a living. For me, the Quest was enlightening, uplifting, and very challenging all at the same time. Like anything of great value, it doesn’t come without determined effort. What is beautiful, though, is that you truly get out of it what you put into it. Take the time to do the exercises and look inside, and you will surely be successful in the Right Livelihood Quest. I am deeply grateful for Simon’s instruction and all I’ve gained from the Quest. – D.M., Portland, OR

Simon is one of those rare individuals who practices what he preaches. He walks with you; not for you. He prepares the way and invites you to join him when you’re ready. Without judgment he accepts everyone in whatever manifestation we choose to present ourselves as perfect and appropriate in the time and space we cross paths. If you find yourself singing a tune, he will join you. If you find yourself planting a seed, he will find a spade. Just be careful what you ask for. One morning you may wake to behold an infinite garden alive with a symphony that was always there, but never before had ears to hear. – M.F., Woodinville, WA

The Quest rekindled my childlike sense of wonder and curiosity. Through carefully selected exercises and activities I have learned how to tune into the messages the universe lovingly delivers and brings to my attention. My relationship with nature has been infused with new meaning. The reflective exercises sparked rich conversations with loved ones and friends, which served to deepen those relationships and provided many unexpected gifts. This experience gave me my bearings and provided a much needed compass to help guide me on my path to right livelihood. – M.T., Seattle, WA

Why am I here? That’s the question the persistent seeker in me is always asking. What is my true purpose in this life, on this planet? I’ve always looked for its manifestation in the form of actions, vocations, places, and time. I’ve lived a very fortunate life that’s taken me to many different places and provided incredibly varied and unique experiences, but I was constantly looking for the connection, the common thread, the direction. When you’re being led down a path, eventually you wonder where you’re going. The Right Livelihood Quest finally made light of all my “disconnected” experiences, by allowing me to see the underlying current that has always been there, driving and guiding me. I now have my guiding light with my internal compass pointing true north. No, I did not walk away with my vocation in hand, nor do I have all of the answers to life’s mysteries, but I do have a solid foundation of who I am and why I’m here. I’m here to unify and that’s what I plan to do. – B.C., Roanoke, VA

I am usually a skeptic when it comes to these kinds of quests. I have been on them before, a long weekend where you come away feeling enlightened, but then nothing sticks. Back to the routine. This Right Livelihood Quest was different. The month of preparation prior to the collective journey raised the stakes, and the connections formed within the group, through both deep sharing and the sharing of meals, left a lasting impression that sustained itself after I left the retreat location. This quest helped me gain clarity when other quests were still foggy. I made significant changes as a result, and more importantly, the quest instilled in me a lasting commitment to continue on this lifelong process. – M.G., Seattle, WA

The Right Livelihood Quest was such a wonderful gift! As a person very interested in personal development and unpacking all the things that live in my head and affect my leadership abilities/relationships – for better or worse, this weekend adventure truly aided in my growth process. Simon is the perfect facilitator! He knows when to send you out in the woods to think about something or push you just a little further in your group sharing to find key pieces of your story. This IS his right livelihood and he is a joy to be around! I was lucky enough to have my partner at the retreat as well, and we gained a much deeper understanding and respect for each other around the personal topics that are often tough to touch. I would recommend Simon’s Right Livelihood to my best friends and family; it was that meaningful! – J.T., Long Beach, WA

The Right Livelihood Quest was such a wonderful experience of bonding, sharing, and having fun with amazing classmates. You all helped me get clear on what I was good at and seeing things in me that I could not see myself! I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart!! I am so grateful for the experience that was EXPERTLY Facilitated by Simon! I can’t thank you enough for the retreat and the whole process really! It was a huge catalyst for my long time search for my Right Livelihood! – M.D., Portland, OR

Exploring my life’s passions and pitfalls through Simon’s Right Livelihood Quest has been an eye-opening experience. I started the quest not knowing what to expect, and came out with a greater understanding of who I am an where I fit in the world. While I don’t have the all the answers, I am more comfortable in the journey and more at ease with where my life has taken me and where I might go next. I can now wear my contributions to the world proudly and have confidence in my future. Thank you Simon and everyone who joined together to make the Right Livelihood Quest a transformative adventure. – D.K., Seattle, WA

My Right Livelihood Quest weekend with Simon help clarify what questions I should be asking myself to find my Right Livelihood. From these questions I have been able to realize what my true professional dreams are and I am now pursuing them! – Z.G., Seattle, WA
The Right Livelihood Quest is about guiding one in the “how” to find what we’re looking for, rather than a one-dimensional “what should I be doing” that so often concludes with only one possible answer. Right Livelihood dives deeper and has the unique ability of narrowing down and revealing what really drives us while simultaneously opening up many new possibilities for what to do with that drive. It is a worthwhile experience no matter where you find yourself in life. – B.L., Portland, OR

My life’s pursuits have not been random or meaningless. There has been a unique and persistent thread of purpose that has webbed the entirety of my life together. The Right Livelihood Quest provided the space and guidance to articulate and celebrate both this thread of purpose as well as the journey of my life thus far. – K.L., Portland, OR

In order to fully experience this Right Livelihood Quest with Simon, one must be open and willing to deeply engage in the process. Sometimes you may not understand why you are asked you to do something but you might as well trust the system once you are in it. There is always a reason, and eventually everything connects. Simon has a unique gift for exploring each person’s gifts and space, and has an extraordinary amount of patience and care while doing so. I trust him completely. For results, I am grateful to have been able to walk away secure in my awareness of my place and my role. To be clear, it’s not always nice to know what you are supposed to do. Sometimes I want to be lazy and complacent but now I know that doing so takes away my life experience and defies the reason I am here. If you are looking for something like this, some way to find your own life purpose, you have found it. – J.M., Seattle, WA