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    Right Livelihood means knowing who you are and why you are here – in the biggest possible scope – and aligning your life to your vocation, purpose, and values.

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    Find information about the upcoming right livelihood quest schedule, registration, and costs of participation.

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    Meet Simon Goland and Alison van Buuren, your facilitators of the Right Livelihood Quest journeys.

Right Livelihood Quest

Right Livelihood Quest

Here, in our context, Right Livelihood means expressing your Life Purpose through your work and your life. It means knowing who you are and why you are here – in the biggest possible scope – and aligning your life to your vocation, purpose, and values.

It is about knowing what you cannot not do. And doing it, oftentimes despite all odds. There will be challenges along the way, together with moments and times of tremendous joy, fulfillment, and meaning. Such is the nature of a life lived when we become aware of our experiences along the path, learn to integrate the darkest and the brightest moments of our past and present, and focus our unique gifts towards the world outside of our personal scope. The paradox of one’s Right Livelihood is that, while it is very individual, it is absolutely not personal at the same time.

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Why Are You Here? What Is Your Calling?


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