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Why are you here?

Life purpose. Meaning. Vocation. A higher calling. Destiny. Raison d’etre. Why am I here, really?

There comes a time when all you have achieved slowly loses its focus, meaning, value, and importance. “Is that all there is?” you are beginning to hear. That quiet inner voice keeps whispering that there is more to life. Something deeper, more authentic, focusing outside of your self. There is a yearning to make your life mean more, experience the richness of fulfillment, have deeper impact, touch others, make a lasting difference in the world. Leave a legacy.

Right Livelihood

You might not even be able to clearly articulate this call, yet you know and sense that something is ready to be born. To emerge. You just know. A change is coming, whether you know where it might be taking you or not.

I would say that you are ready to say yes to the call, to respond, start a dialogue, and embark on a journey. Such journey, of living divided no more, of aligning your values, beliefs, experiences, passions, and commitments, of unfolding and becoming, is not an easy one. There is no guaranteed destination, nor a timeframe. Listening to what your life has been preparing you to do, and making sense of it, takes time.

Facilitating this journey, the Quest, to uncover your Right Livelihood, is what I do. It is my work and my vocation. It is also my greatest passion.

Welcome. I am looking forward to our journey together.