Tami Simon – Sounds True Founder, Publisher, CEO, Entrepreneur

Tami Simon
Tami is is the publisher and CEO of the multimedia publishing company Sounds True and hosts a weekly podcast series called Insights at the Edge. As a college dropout and a seeker in her early 20s, she started a company called Sounds True. Sounds True is now a $12 million multimedia publisher with a mission to disseminate spiritual wisdom. It publishes audio courses, books, music, and instructional DVDs by teachers and thinkers like Pema Chödrön, Eckhart Tolle, Daniel Goleman, and Brené Brown. Tami Simon has been following the evolution of spiritual curiosity and practice for three decades. She has fascinating advice on treating technology as a personal investigation tool, an aid to spiritual practice. Tami has worked intentionally across the years to create a business culture that is effective on the hard but gratifying work of joining inner life with life in a workplace.
Recording [32 min | Posted on March 3, 2015 | download here]:[audio:https://www.rightlivelihoodquest.com/audio/RLQ.TamiSimon.2015-03-02.mp3]
To find out more about Tami and Sounds True, visit soundstrue.com.