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The Quest Points Program

colourful ballsWe are grateful for your engagement and participation with the ongoing journeys of the Right Livelihood Quest. We believe in the transformational value of these journeys, and we want to share it with a whole lot more people. And we also know we simply can’t do it alone.

The Right Livelihood Quest Points Program is a way to express our gratitude for your support in spreading the word and value of this work, and give something back to you as well.

This means that whenever you refer someone who signs up for a Right Livelihood Quest, you receive 50 Quest Points (1 point = $1).

The Quest Points never expire. They accumulate. You can transfer them to anyone you wish (think of gifting someone a birthday gift of a Right Livelihood Quest!). You can also apply the Quest Points towards the various services we offer, and will keep offering:

  • If you have not done the Right Livelihood Quest yourself, use them for it.
  • Apply them towards an individual coaching session with me/Simon.
  • Apply them towards Quest II (which is in the process of being designed).
  • Donate them to Kiva, through the “Supporters of the Right Livelihood Everywhere” team.
  • Additional options are being ideated and planned as well, and we welcome your suggestions as to what else might be of relevance and value.