Sharon Negri – Activist, Facilitator, Consultant
Sharon is the founder and co-director of WildFutures whose mission is to bridge the gap between science and conservation, and provides essential tools and services to wildlife organizations, agencies, and others to help them reach their conservation goals.Her passion for wildlife and wild places have guided her work for the last 32 years, and included numerous initiatives expressing this passion – from starting an organization to help protect mountain lions, to helping pass an initiative to stop the trophy hunting of these magnificent cats, to allocating 30 million a year for 30 years for critical wildlife habitat, to co-editing an anthology, Cougar Ecology and Conservation; to co-produced On Nature’s Terms, a short award winning film, to producing the Cougar Management Guidelines, to serving as co-director of the Grizzly Bear Outreach Project, to establishing the Wild Felid Research and Management Association in 2007 where she currently serves as a board member.
Recording [32 min | Posted on January 5, 2012 | download here]: [audio:]
For more details about Sharon and her work, please visit Wild Futures or Bear Info.