Mankind Project (of BC, Canada) Embraces the Right Livelihood Quest

The Mankind Project is an incredible organization that is focused on men’s work. It is about authenticity, integrity, commitment, and – the way I describe it – clean and authentic masculine presence that is so badly needed these days in the world. I have been involved with this organization for over 5 years, deepening my own learning and supporting many others. Through this ongoing work, I have also met many amazing men who became role models for what it means to be a man these days; something I have not learned growing up.

A couple of months ago I put forward a proposal for the British Columbia chapter of the Mankind Project (MKP-BC) to embrace and integrate the work and magic of the Quest. The way I articulated the context for this proposal was as follows (slightly edited from the original version):

As human beings, we long to find meaning in our life. The inquiry “Why am I here?” is our desire to make our life matter, open up to something greater than our personal and individual scope and make it rich in meaning. Such meaning, vocation, or right livelihood in one’s life is specific and unique for each individual according to Victor Frankl (Man’s Search for Meaning). One needs to know what one desires in life, how one is made, and how one belongs with the rest of the world. Hence, if we are to transform men’s consciousness, we need to connect them to their calling and invite them to step into living an undivided life – a life where one expresses themselves everywhere, through everything, including work. Through the processes of the Right Livelihood Quest, I witness men being called to purpose that is beyond their “small me” and instead, accept their greater role of honouring, nurturing and protecting all of life through their specific calling. The Quest connects people to their “why” – and then, they are truly ready to take on the world (as per Nietzsche, stating that, “he who has a ‘Why’ to live can bear almost any ‘How’”). Men need a ‘why’ to anchor them and to bring their unique purpose forward in all areas of their lives. This is what the Right Livelihood Quest opens up for participants.

Now we are coming to the exciting news!  The MKP-BC board was unanimous in its endorsement of the Right Livelihood Quest as a next level training in BC. What this means is that the Right Livelihood Quest is becoming available to continue supporting men in their exploration of meaning, purpose, vocation, and Right Livelihood.

Exciting times ahead!

Simon Goland