For the Right Reasons

As part of the work with the Right Livelihood Quest, I regularly interview people who have gone through such journey themselves, and share their stories here. It is an opportunity to witness and share the experience of others and our common humanity, with the struggles, challenges, passions, and inspiration that all too often seem to be […]

A Hope for the Future

Earlier this week, students from the School of Inspired Leadership in India, where I taught at the beginning of this year, contacted me with a request to write a testimonial for their yearbook. Apparently, the year is over and they are graduating from the school that holds the values of Ethics, Mindfulness, Diversity, Compassion, and […]

10 Years and 10 Minutes

Today’s Reflection is about a new baby being born. Of sorts. I think that, ultimately, we never really know when it is time for something to happen. Sure, we can make plans, prepare, get things done, and line up all our ducks in a row. There certainly is value in that. We can also trust, […]

On a Right Livelihood Quest

Today’s Reflection is about quotes and passages, while exploring this : fascinating, and often elusive, theme of Right Livelihood. It is not “just a quest.” Rather, The Quest perhaps, on the journey of this subtle and elusive theme of Right Livelihood, Vocation, Life Purpose. At times, inspiring and fulfilling, though, more often than not, annoying, […]

A River of Life

Today’s Reflection is about an activity, about a way of looking at one’s life, and perhaps also about our collective future.  Who are you? Who is anybody really? How do we know an answer to such a tricky and seemingly impossible question? A River of Life is a metaphor I recently used, in an introduction […]

One Day

Today’s Reflection is about dreams and visions. This was a good start of the day. As Tobi and I wandered around the neighbourhood for a morning stroll, I saw a slogan on a pick-up truck that said, “Between the world and the sky.” Roofing company. Cool and creative. Then, at home, I stumbled upon a […]