Collaboration and Innovation in Leading Change Conference, Victoria, BC, on May 5-6, 2011

The Institute of Certified Management Consultants of British Columbia (CMC-BC) is hosting a conference on Collaboration and Innovation in Leading Change, May 5 and 6, in Victoria, BC, Canada. This event brings together a variety of experts, exploring the many aspects of organizational change approaches and strategies – from innovative strategies for complex business transformation, to creative collaboration, […]

Transformational Creativity and Learning in The Netherlands

Transformational Creativity and Learning (TCL) Skills is a groundbreaking learning experience. This course addresses and answers a fundamental question for both the individual and the organization: how do we harness the whole potential of our mind and bring our creativity and innovation skills forward, in any environment and circumstance? By drawing on the worldwide breakthroughs […]

The Art of Creative Leadership

“Do your responsibilities as a leader give you a sense of seriousness – a sense of being solely responsible for the workplace’s direction and success? A skillful leader creates opportunities for creativity and innovation, both for themselves and their staff. Experience a rich set of activities from the world of creativity, experiential education, performing arts, […]