This and That

Today’s Reflection is not about any one specific topic. The past few weeks have been full of many events, activities, challenges, and even victories. It feels as though there are too many thoughts and ideas in my head and heart right now, which makes it challenging to pick any one theme to zoom in on. […]

The Art of Creative Leadership

“Do your responsibilities as a leader give you a sense of seriousness – a sense of being solely responsible for the workplace’s direction and success? A skillful leader creates opportunities for creativity and innovation, both for themselves and their staff. Experience a rich set of activities from the world of creativity, experiential education, performing arts, […]

Living Vision Retreat – Sep 26/28 2008 – Vancouver

LIVING VISION is an intentional community convergence of like-hearted visionaries, artists, and healers extending their gifts and talents in the spirit of co-creative expression and child-like wonder. The community exists to inspire, support and encourage the emergence of our greatest expression and the legacy of joy that its extension brings into the world. From the […]

Time Out Of Time

Bang. Bang! BANG! What a way to wake up. It happened this morning, despite my attempts to bring myself slowly to engage with the world. The construction across the street has no time to wait, and by the time the sun is up, so is everybody on the site. It is even more jarring because […]